Pipe Inspections When Buying A New House

Buying a house is a complicated situation, and the regulations for doing so do not make it any easier. Part of that is that the house must be inspected in order to make sure that it is up to code and to avoid any potential legal issues after the sale. While it protects both the buyer and the seller, a top down inspection can be a full-day experience as the inspector looks at everything from the steel pipe fittings to tiles on the roof. Ironically, both the seller and buyer dread the inspection as it can increase costs for both but the necessity of it is still a part of the process.

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An Expert's View

From the seller's perspective an inspection can be nerve-wracking. No house has ever survived an inspection without getting some sort of mark against it, and that mark can sometimes be very expensive. There are always small maintenance issues that get forgotten over time, and it is next to impossible to keep up with all of the various housing codes. By the time it comes to sell the home it is more likely than not that the owner has fallen behind somewhere, and the house usually must be brought up to code before it can be sold.

From the buyer's perspective, an inspection creates its own kind of stress. While it can provide a little relief in that it can make sure that the house is up to code, there is the possibility that extensive repairs may be necessary to make that happen. If the needed repairs are too extensive, there is the possibility that the a decision will need to be made to accept the house as is and spend a lot to get the repairs done after the sale or to make the current do the repairs either way that means that the actual cost of the house may be beyond the budget allotted for the house.

However, there are some predictable points that will fail almost every inspection. Door and window frames are an obvious issue as the codes regarding them change the most often. The locations of sinks and water heaters are usually the most likely places to find problems, especially rot, given the proximity to water. Pipes are another problem as the plumbing is usually ignored unless it becomes a problem going through and replacing pipe connectors with Stourflex steel pipe fittings can deal with a lot of the potential problems before they become problems.

While an inspection can be a stressful situation it is nonetheless an important part of selling a house. It makes sense to have an inspection so as to, at the very least, make sure that the house is safe for living and at worst delineate a list of problems that need to be fixed. Once the list of problems has been determined the potential buyer needs to determine if he wants to pay for the repairs before or after buying the house either way it may be back to the negotiating table. A little paranoia is always a good thing, especially when you are spending hundreds of thousands of pounds that alone makes an inspection worth it.